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Banksy Girl with Balloon

Medium: Spray paint on canvas.

Size: Canvas: 100cm long and 30cm wide. The mural is 1:7 scale of the original.

Creation methods: This piece has been created using the exact methods the artist used when creating the original. An accurate stencils was created from the original piece (which is currently under our management) during our restoration of the piece. The stencil was scaled, and colour matches were used to match the exact paint colouring. Our artists hand-sprayed the finished product using the exact paints as per the original. This is the most accurate replica of the original piece on the market.

Personalisation: This has not been personalised and is an exact replica copy of the original. 

You can have any finish you wish. Two examples of these can be seen on products within our store. Diamond dusted finish as can be seen on this Girl With Balloon canvas. Another alternative is a splatter finish as can be seen on this Secured print. If you wish to have another get in touch with our designated design team here to bring your vision to life.

About the piece, and our management of it: 

Painted 2004 - salvaged 2014. Location London.

While the rat is Banksy’s signature stencil, the Girl With The Red Balloon is his most popular and depicts an innocent girl reaching for a red heart-shaped balloon that is just beyond her grasp.

Banksy chose two locations for this famous creation – one on the stairwell of the South Bank and the other on Great Eastern Street on the borders of Liverpool Street Station. Almost a decade ago, the latter was covered with advertising billboards and doomed to a fate of unceremonious decay and erosion.

Thousands of Londoners walked past the piece each day on their morning commute to work completely oblivious of its existence as it faded from the public knowledge. The Sincura Group was commissioned to salvage and restore this stunning piece.

When we removed the billboards we estimated the piece would have been completely destroyed within 12 month, the paint was flaking and the girl’s face was hanging from the front.

Specialist art restorers were called in to stabilise the piece on the wall for the first week before we could even start the cutting process.

Provenence: This is a one-off unique piece from our bespoke collection. Though we do create similar pieces, there will be no other piece to this exact combination of material, size, methods and finish. Your piece will come with an authentication document to show it has been created from the original, and is unqiue and a one-off.

Delivery methods: Delivery is via UPS and takes 5 days (UK) and up to 2 weeks (international). Delivery is priced at £10 (UK ) and £20 (international).

Photos of the original piece


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