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Banksy Secured

Medium: Spray paint on White card with paint splatters framed.

Size: Card and frame: 33 inches long x 25 inches wide.

Creation methods: This piece has been created using the exact methods the artist used when creating the original. An accurate stencils was created from the original piece (which is currently under our management). The stencil was scaled, and colour matches were used to match the exact paint colouring. Our artists hand-sprayed the finished product using the exact paints as per the original. This is the most accurate replica of the original piece on the market.

Personalisation: This has been personalised by paint splatting. It is an exact replica copy of the original with this bespoke finish. 

You can have any finish you wish. Another example of this can be seen on products within our store. Diamond dusted finish as can be seen on this Girl With Balloon canvas. If you wish to have another get in touch with our designated design team here to bring your vision to life.

About the piece, and our management of it: 

Painted 2003 - salvaged 2004. Location Liverpool.

Street artist Banksy has never been shy of making a political state­ment and in 2003 he created ‘Secured’. Spray painted on plywood and measuring 90” in length and 48” wide, the piece shows a secu­rity guard with a moustache with the slogan reading ‘SECURED by sleepy migrant workers on minimum wage ‘

Is it a coincidence that this design appeared around the time of the Olympic security fiasco? Created in Liverpool during the Biennial and regeneration of the city prior to its three year development plan leading to the Capital of Culture award. After it was salvaged the piece spent its early life as back board for a D.I.Y shelving


Provenence: This is a one-off unique piece from our bespoke collection. Though we do create similar pieces, there will be no other piece to this exact combination of material, size, methods and finish. Your piece will come with an authentication document to show it has been created from the original, and is unqiue and a one-off.

Delivery methods: Delivery is via UPS and takes 5 days (UK) and up to 2 weeks (international). Delivery is priced at £10 (UK ) and £20 (international).

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